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The Global Day of Prayer!

The Global day of Prayer was founded by South African businessman Graham Power in 2000. Each year, the event spread to more African countries until it spread globally in 2005. It is an ecumenical Christian event and involves 10 days of prayer before the Western Christian observance of Pentecost (beginning with Ascension Day) and 90 days of prayer after Pentecost.

The Year 2010 is the 10th Year of this event and is celebrated around the world in more than 240 Nations. So @ Nazarene Prayer Fellowship, we would like to celebrate this special day of Prayer with our dear brothers and sisters on 23 May 2010, at 6 PM in the Nazarene Church. You can view the contact information on our weekly newsletter which you can sign up using this form or from “our vision” page.

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I often feel that I’m hardly making it, and I need a lot more wisdom. Please pray that God will give me wisdom for success in every area of life. Pray for the wisdom to succeed in college, in all my classes. Pray for wisdom to take care of my health. Pray for wisdom in relationships. I graduate in 2 months, so pray especially for wisdom to plan for the future. Wisdom to plan out where to live, and wisdom to apply for the right job for after I graduate. Pray for wisdom to pursue and fulfill God’s purpose and calling for my life. Pray for wisdom to live for the Lord and serve the Lord well. Pray for wisdom in every area of my life, and that God will answer this beyond anything I could imagine. Thanks.

We hope and pray that you have successfully graduated. May God bless you in your desire to gain wisdom. As per His promise in James 1:5, He will give you liberally and without reproach. Please feel free to join our community on Facebook and be blessed. God bless you, Seth!

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