Break the walls of Jericho and Build the walls of Jerusalem

We all have the walls around us at all times of life. We’ve all built them either for holding God in the midst and separating ourselves from the wickedness of the world or trying to hide ourselves inside a wall to cover up our sins. They are unseen, yet they effectively hold us back from being the person we should be or should not be. Brick by brick we build our wall. Some are higher than others. But we should be able to recognise what sort of a wall is there around us. They can be either spiritual walls or worldly walls. Spiritual walls relate to the strength and stability of our Christian testimony. They relate to our capability of defending the faith, moral strength in time of temptation and also relate to our ability to separate from the unbiblical values and attitudes of this world’s system. If we have this wall of salvation around us then we are safe and secure. The walled city will be much stronger and more easily defended. The wall clearly sets the city apart from the surrounding countryside. God wants a spiritual wall to surround us but not a wall that doesn’t allow Him to enter. God wants to see strong, solid believers with a testimony that is plainly visible in this dark world. He wants to see Christians with a consistent lifestyle that is distinctly Biblical even if it means a painful separation from the values and the attitudes of the surrounding world. If we do not have this there is always a possibility that the world gets in to us and becomes a wall between God and us (Isaiah59:2). Before the Israelites entered the Promised Land God commanded them to destroy the walls of Jericho so that they can have a break through. We are living in days of battle and spiritual struggle. We need to know how to fight. We need to know that our God is able to give the victory. Just as Israel faced the formidable walls of Jericho, we face walls and obstacles in our lives as well. We need to know how to over come them as we march towards the victory. When we face these obstacles we must learn not to look upon our obstacles as dead-ends, but as opportunities for the Lord to work in our lives.