Faith that does the impossible…

This week we started with a tremendous burden and challenge to our faith in a particular situation of our dear Uncle Albert, father of Albert Arun Rachpudi. Uncle was unwell for a while and suddenly he collapsed and was rushed to the hospital in Hyderabad. Brother Arun got news of his father’s condition that he is serious and the doctors gave him no hope of survival. As the time passed, we kept hearing the negative reports from the doctors. Finally, the doctors decided to put ventilators (life supporting unit) as his kidneys, lungs and heart were not functioning. It was a grave situation as the doctors informed Arun’s family that they want to remove the ventilators as the pulse rate almost nil. They advised the family to call the near and dear before they remove the ventilators. The doctors have declared him clinically dead.

We received this message from his relatives and made necessary travel arrangements for both Arun and his wife Verita. In the meantime we called some of brothers and sisters who were available at that time with the family’s consent and spent time asking our Father for his mercy and healing. The Servant of God declared the faithful works of our Lord Jesus, he assured Brother Arun to claim his father’s life in prayer. Everyone with great burden cried out to our God to release the power, healing and life on our dear Uncle.

Both Arun and Verita travelled to India on Tuesday and reached on Wednesday morning. As soon as they reached Bangalore( as they travelled via Bangalore to Hyderabad) they received a call from Dr Sony (sister of Verita) who informed them that uncle Albert is recovering amazingly and doctors at the Oxygen Hospital marvelled as they don’t have any clue of why these things were happening with him. They simply said that it is impossible and witnessed that they haven’t seen any one rising from dead. They tested his lungs, heart and kidneys and declared that all are functioning perfectly well. Today they have removed the ventilators and Uncle Albert rejoicing with his son and daughter in law.

The latest information is that uncle is drinking milk and requested his family that he wants to walk around the hospital. I fall short of words to explain our Lords works, except remembering once again the loud shout of our Lord Jesus saying “ Lazarus come out” .This situation has rekindled our failth and I say with boldness that the righteous prayer availeth much. Our Lord is Healer and all things are possible for those who believe him. We will rejoice with the family and declare that our God is prayer answering God. Brother Arun and Verita sent greetings from India and thanked the Nazarene prayer Fellowship for their burden and compassionate heart in uplifting Uncle in their prayers. With humility and humbleness I thank everyone who supported this ministry and sent encouragement letters (please see letters on our website). May God Bless you and you Bless God.