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Nazarene Prayer Fellowship Website (v2)

We have upgraded our site and added some new features and optimized parts of our site for optimal performance. Here are few of the things that we have been up to…

1. Designed a colorful gradient for our Website background instead of stationary and dull looking color.

2. Increased the speed of the website by using Content Delivery Network to handle any spikes in requests/sec.

3. Added a new page named “Email Newsletters” which contain a list of all the email newsletters we have sent out so far.

4. Added our physical address by using Google Maps and the contact peoples’ phone number for this fellowship.

5. Added a “site meta” menu that provides an opportunity for our website visitors to register and comment on the content we post.

6. We have added an “address” field to all our mailing list members. So kindly update your details from the link at the bottom of our newsletter each week.

7. Biggest change of all…We have shifted from our old domain “” to “” (Don’t worry all the previous links will automatically/automagically get transferred to our new domain).

If you have any feature suggestions or just casual suggestions that you would like to see us Go LIVE with, please share with us using the comment form below! 😀