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God Delights in Honesty & Cheerful Giving and Detests What the World Considers Great

1. God Delights in Honest People

“If we walk in the light as He is in the light, we have fellowship with one another.” (I John 1:7). To walk in the light means first of all that we hide nothing from God. We tell Him everything, exactly as it is. I am convinced that the first step towards God is honesty. God detests those who are insincere. Jesus spoke against hypocrites more than He spoke against anyone else. God does not ask us to be holy or perfect first of all, but to be honest. This is the starting point of true holiness, and from this spring flows everything else.

And if there is one thing that is really easy for anyone of us to do, it is to be honest. So, confess sin immediately to God. Don’t call sinful thoughts by “decent” names. Don’t say, “I was only admiring the beauty of God’s creation,” when actually you lusted adulterously with your eyes. Don’t call “anger” as “righteous indignation.” You will never get victory over sin if you are dishonest. And don’t ever call “sin,” “a mistake,” because Jesus’ blood can cleanse you from all your sins, but not from your mistakes!! He does not cleanse dishonest people. There is hope only for honest people. “He who covers his sin will never prosper” (Prov.28:13).

Why did Jesus say that there was more hope for prostitutes and for thieves to enter God’s kingdom than for religious leaders? (Matt.21:31). Because prostitutes and thieves make no pretence of being holy. Many young people are turned away from churches because church-members give them the impression that they themselves have no struggles. And so those young people think, “That holy bunch of people will never understand our problems!!” If this true of us, then we are unlike Christ Who drew sinners to Himself.