Hold on to this promises

On Friday 17th August 2012, Pastor Paul has reminded the congregation about the fulfillment of Gods promises towards our lives. He also specified that this year he has keenly observed about the fulfillment of His wonderful promise towards him as he was lifting up the promise in his daily prayers. He disclosed some of the examples from Gen: 27:29 “May those who curse you be cursed and those who bless you be blessed”. (This is his promise for this year)

He said, when God promises you something he will fulfil it. No matter what the circumstances are – Trust in the Lord and His promises. He illustrated the story of Isaac. Isaac prayed 20 years for a son as he loved Rebecca very much. Even after getting the promise of God Rebecca struggled with labor pains and she gave birth to twin boys. This was the first miracle in the world. He encouraged the congregation to wait on the Lord until He fulfills His promises. Isaac has not questioned but waited on the Lord until the given promise to be fulfilled. Through this word, he encouraged the congregation not to be disheartened with anything that this life brings on us. Take heed and do not try to go to Egypt (back sliding/nor mix with the world). He encouraged everyone to have the testimony like Isaac had.

He said all the promises are yea and amen even today because Abraham obeyed God. He was faithful in obeying God’s word. According to Gen 26:5 “Abraham obeyed my voice, and kept my charge my commandments, my statutes and my laws”. He addressed the congregation to follow these above four things because we are his chosen people. He also said that we have to cling to His promises because He is our almighty God (He is not a man to lie).

He stated the second parable from John 2:1-11. When mother of Jesus was much concerned about the wine and she told him that they ran out of wine. Then Jesus said to his mum that his hour has not yet come. Immediately, without asking a question she told the servants to follow the instructions of Jesus. They obeyed and believed the words of Jesus, and did as he commanded them. So God gave them the best of the best. The water has changed into wine. Likewise, we need to be obedient to Gods word and be in His presence more and more. It then, he said, that our Lord changes our water into wine (Great blessings).

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